At CenterPoint, we leverage the collective buying power of our members to get maximum discounts from suppliers. As a group, our collective buying power far exceeds what any one company can do alone.


Proven savings

By leveraging our purchasing power which exceeds $850 million dollars, our comprehensive solutions typically produce between 15 and 35 percent in savings, with a return on investment that often exceeds 500 percent. Our simple three-step process is proven to reduce costs based on our ability to analyze, optimize, and implement quickly for our clients. Organizations of all sizes and industries have taken advantage of our CenterPoint program leverage and have saved significant money by doing so.

Immediate outcomes, long-term programs

Our programs result in immediate cost reductions which can be implemented in less than two weeks. We offer sustainable savings with multi-year protections with indexed pricing and caps. Members rarely experience price increases due to CenterPoint’s negotiating leverage which allows our members to focus on other areas of the business while our programs continue to provide savings.


CenterPoint’s robust purchasing programs have been saving organizations money for over a decade. Along with upfront savings, our post-implementation reporting and oversight track the actual savings on each project. These additional layers of service differentiate the CenterPoint GPO and continuously provide value to our clients.