Office Supplies

A national manufacturing company with 20+ locations and  seven figures in office supply spend turned to CenterPoint to reduce their product costs. Within 30 days we were able to secure 30% savings through consolidation to our leveraged contract, core list optimization, and price standardization.

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MRO & Safety Supplies

CenterPoint was able to collate spend from 10+ suppliers and multiple locations, each with a unique purchasing profile, to create one standard program with a primary supplier. By streamlining their MRO purchasing this manufacturer was able to net 25% savings and improved visibility with reporting roll-up to a centralized owner.

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Financial Services

Car Rental

A financial services company engaged CenterPoint to assess their car rental program. After years of rideshare and expense reimbursement they had lost visibility and were hemorrhaging money. By joining our program, rates were reduced and visibility was increased so travelers were making informed choices, saving 25% in total costs.

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Consumer Electronics

Small Parcel

As price increases were being implemented industry-wide, CenterPoint was able to reduce costs by seven figures for this fortune 500 company, saving 22% on their small parcel spend, by targeting assessorial and extraneous charges and leveraging their spend through consolidation and rate negotiation.

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Office Supplies

An international company asked CenterPoint to review their European office supply spend. They had offices in 6 countries each with a different supplier, contact, and invoice. By leveraging our pre-negotiated contract we were able to generate 30% savings and centralize reporting, billing and account management.

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Wireless Telecom

CenterPoint delivered 28% savings to a construction and engineering company that was struggling to manage its cell phone spend. We reduced their rates through our exclusive pricing structure, optimized their program usage, and provided clear and actionable reporting to audit the program.

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