CenterPoint's procurement experts deliver real, sustainable savings to our members.

With fifteen years of market data and experience, our team of seasoned procurement experts, former supplier employees, and savvy business professionals use their vast knowledge to create value for our members. We’ve served 20 percent of the fortune 500 over the last decade, and we leverage our knowledge base to meet our members’ goals and objectives. Our group of industry experts deliver up-to-the-minute market intelligence, supplier-side pricing methodology, and procurement best practices to every project.

Our four-step process is one of the most extensive and inclusive methodologies in procurement today. Our cradle-to-grave process produces remarkable results and transforms programs to best-in-class status, with a 96 percent success rate. Here are some of the reasons that companies have chosen to use our services:

We make decisions in a systematic manner that leaves politics out

The most effective global procurement strategy is one that guards against allowing procurement decisions to be influenced by personal beliefs and emotions, internal company politics, and fiefdom-type self-interests. Thus, criteria should be developed for all decision-making processes. For example, a proposed change should be shared widely with all teams and divisions, and input should be actively solicited; then, a review team should actively compile and synthesize the feedback. Meanwhile, on the back end, decisions should be made transparently, with clear documentation and justification to encourage widespread buy-in. CenterPoint has a proven methodology that removes subjectivity and provides its customers with the clear and considered information required to make decisions.

We place emphasis on articulating responsibilities, not hierarchy

As business leaders are developing a global procurement strategy, they tend to focus on how individual people fit into the procurement hierarchy. This emphasis on organizational structure is logical and instinctive, but it unfortunately has a limited effect in terms of promoting efficiencies and streamlining purchasing operations. That’s because the implicit assumption when creating hierarchies is that the individuals who populate them will know what to do. The reality, however, is that these individuals can only work cohesively if they all are on the same page about what their responsibilities are and how they fit into the larger decision-making framework. CenterPoint provides defined directives that allow your team to successfully execute on the vision you have for your procurement strategy.

Our procurement processes is calibrated for the local, regional, and global levels

One of the easiest things to do when designing procurement processes is to not think about how they will actually play out across all levels of the purchasing infrastructure. Just because a process works optimally at the global level does not mean that every local supply market is run the same way, or that every regional team will have enough flexibility and/or oversight to be able to carry out its mandates. Thus, any processes or frameworks that are designed should be vetted at a minimum of three levels: local, regional, and global. CenterPoint has built its network on a global scale by providing focus on the details of each regional and local demand, creating a comprehensive program that accounts for the needs at all three levels.

We focus on professional development

As much as global procurement can run smoothly in theory, it takes real people to make it work in practice. And as individual employees are hired, promoted, and replaced, there should be programs in place to ensure they’re getting the professional development opportunities they need to grow and succeed.

We track cost savings clearly and compellingly

For individual procurement teams and employees to see the value of working concertedly and in unison, they need to see results. Thus, businesses should design mechanisms to track cost savings on an ongoing basis and report on the results in a clear, compelling manner. When employees are convinced they’re making a difference for the bottom line, they’re more likely to buy into the global procurement strategy and work hard to achieve global cost-savings goals. CenterPoint will provide reporting and key performance indicators that will give you and your team the tools required to continue to improve and succeed.


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