Wireless Telecom


Most Companies Struggle With….

  • Bill Reviews – Time consuming monthly bill reviews for AT&T, Verizon, T-Mobile, and Sprint
  • TEM/WEM Based Software – Suppliers lack the customer service and customization necessary in the industry
  • Avoiding Price Increases – Most price changes either occur without any notification or from suppliers forcing an increase
  • Controlling Identified Lines of Service – Many companies are spending in areas that have little to no business use (roaming charges, overages, unpublished rates, etc.)
  • Time Required – Companies invest significant amounts of time to manage multiple suppliers

CenterPoint’s Solution

  • CenterPoint has saved your company time by performing an in-depth RFP related to wireless
  • CenterPoint leverages purchasing power with all suppliers, utilizing competition to get our clients the lowest rates, most beneficial terms, and the optimal contract conditions
  • CenterPoint will continuously monitor corporate and institutional wireless costs to identify opportunities throughout the contract lifecycle
  • We offer account management, ongoing reporting, and data analysis to ensure you are being charged the correct amount
  • We provide our customers with training and best practices to get the best value out of our contracts

Need More Reasons to Use CenterPoint?

  • We help manage wireless telecom for our customers (monitor trends, Key Performance Indicators, quarterly reviews) which allows them to redistribute their internal resources to focus on more strategic areas of the business
  • In addition to best in-class pricing, members receive elite customer service from our dedicated account teams and supplier representatives
  • Members gain attention from a top supplier even if you aren’t a Fortune 100 company
  • We offer proprietary and innovative analytics to allow us to deliver best in class solutions for our members

Benefits of Membership

If your company is approved...

  • Immediate Cost Reduction
  • No Purchase Minimums
  • Access to Best-in-Class Pricing
  • Seamless Implementation

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