Uniform Services

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Most Companies Struggle With….

  • Overcharges and Surprise Fees
    Because major uniform rental providers have little motivation to price their services competitively, they aren’t likely to provide anyone but high-volume customers like Fortune 500 companies with significant discounts. Unexpected and highly variable, sometimes hidden fees also make the uniform rental bill add up too much, too quickly.
  • Unresponsive Customer Service
    Too many businesses find themselves frustrated when they try to ask their uniform providers about such common challenges as dirty, damaged, and lost garments; delayed deliveries; and invoice irregularities. Small businesses have even less confidence their concerns will receive prompt attention.
  • “Cookie-Cutter” Uniform Solutions
    True customization goes far beyond slapping your business’s brand on a uniform. It takes into account the kind of work each person wearing the clothes performs, any highly specialized needs (such as for worker safety), and general comfort (issues of cloth and cut).
  • Limited Access to National Suppliers
    National uniform suppliers offer a wide selection of garments, a large geographic footprint, and can afford to charge competitive rates. But unless your workforce is large enough to appear profitable to these suppliers, your business may have trouble securing a contract, let alone an advantageous one.
  • Scattered Sourcing of Products and Services
    Your business may have textile needs beyond workwear—for example, floor mats, towels, microfiber cleaners, and paper and tissue products—or facility services such as cleaning and disinfectant chemicals. Procuring them from your uniform supplier could prove convenient and cost-effective.

CenterPoint’s Solution

  • Negotiated, Best-in-class Pricing
    CenterPoint uses our members’ combined purchasing power to secure the best possible rates for you. We update pricing on a predictable, quarterly basis. And our real-time account management, ongoing reporting, and data analysis ensure you’re not being overcharged.
  • Consistently Attentive Customer Service
    You’ll never have to worry about CenterPoint failing to return your calls or answer your emails. If you experience an issue with your uniform supplier, let us know, and we’ll follow up with them on your behalf to effect a timely, satisfactory resolution.
  • Collaborative, Customized Uniform Solutions
    Your business is unique, and deserves a uniform solution reflecting its special expertise and workforce. We take the time to understand your specific requirements and goals, then craft a tailor-made solution that conforms to them.
  • Procurement from National Suppliers
    CenterPoint members, regardless of size, enjoy access to some of the nation’s top uniform suppliers. We perform in-depth requests for proposal (RFPs) for our members, saving them time and enabling them to take advantage of these suppliers’ lower prices and wide geographic reach.
  • Time-Efficient, Cost-Effective Procurement
    With a quarterly updated list of more than 1,500 core items for you to choose from, CenterPoint can become your “one-stop” source of uniforms, cleaning materials, and many other essential goods and services, all for substantially less than what you’d pay sourcing them from multiple vendors.

Need More Reasons to Use CenterPoint?

  • We ran a comprehensive RFP for packaging to get the best deal for our membership
  • In addition to best-in-class pricing, members receive elite customer service from our dedicated account teams and supplier representatives
  • We offer proprietary analytics to reduce costs for our members

Benefits of Membership

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  • Immediate Cost Reduction
  • No Purchase Minimums
  • Access to Best-in-Class Pricing
  • Seamless Implementation

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