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What to expect as a CenterPoint member

CenterPoint is a Group Purchasing Organization which combines the purchasing power of its members to..

Our data analytics team uses your data to identify spend patterns and price trends to find price optimization opportunities. We continuously improve terms and conditions of our contracts, so that our..


The winter months may be the toughest time of the year for floors. To see why hard-surface floors take such a beating during the winter months, all you need to do is look outside in most areas..

CenterPoint Group is your trusted procurement advisor that provides high touch service at no cost. We are here to ensure you have the communication and service levels you expect and require from your..

Hurricanes, power outages, fires, floods, earthquakes, terrorism. These events can cripple your business operations in just minutes. How quickly your organization gets back to business often..

It’s probably happened to most of us. That momentary lapse of attention, thinking about a personal problem or distraction by an activity that ends in a slip, trip or fall. A stumble down a..

Get answers to the top questions about how to protect your employees against the dangers of cold stress when the temperature drops, including warm-up schedules and survival strategies.

Q: What is..

"Ergonomics" comes from two Greek words: ergos, meaning work, and nomos, meaning laws. Ergonomics is the science of designing the workplace to accommodate the worker. A Polish scientist and..

Stock up on the PPE essentials you use the most



PPE, safety supplies and protective equipment keep office and work sites secure. They help companies ensure full compliance with safety..

CenterPoint is constantly growing and evolving. From our people to our members to our suppliers. As such we are looking to those we trust most, our members and peers for some input on what direction..

Heating a building in cold weather can quickly become expensive. Taking steps to winterize your building can help save energy (and money) during the colder months. Some winterization projects are..


As a procurement professional you deal with complexities and challenges day in and day out, usually with flying colors. Even the best procurement pros will make mistakes from time to time,..