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Most Companies Struggle With….

  • Comprehensive Solution – In an attempt to satisfy their risk management and employee benefits needs, many companies work with numerous insurance providers, which can be time-consuming, complicated, and costly. Moreover, they often end up with gaps in coverage, leaving the organization vulnerable to unexpected financial losses and business disruptions.
  • High fees and associated costs – Inflation, changing risks, and new regulations hike commercial insurance costs. Rising costs can be difficult to manage across multiple coverage areas, adversely impacting the organization's bottom line. 
  • Ineffectual Liability Coverage – Standard insurance programs may not cover the company's unique exposures, while custom programs are too expensive. Organizations must work with insurance providers who can create a policy that balances cost and coverage for adequate protection. 
  • Transactional Relationship – Insurance provider mistrust, poor communication, and inadequate support can cause costly delays and disputes. To avoid these issues, organizations should choose a transparent, communicative, and customer-focused insurance provider.
  • Visibility and KPIs – Without access to data analytics and performance metrics, it is challenging for companies to evaluate coverage efficacy and make better decisions, resulting in higher costs and missed opportunities. To improve coverage visibility, businesses should choose an insurance provider with performance assessment tools and actionable intelligence reports.

CenterPoint’s Solution

  • We have partnered with a client-focused, privately owned independent firm not attached to any insurer or financial institution. This means you’ll get access to a broader range of insurance products at the most competitive rates. 
  • For more effective expense and coverage management, we offer solutions that meet your specific needs. Our partner firm can customize loss-sensitive commercial insurance solutions that ensure your business and its employees are always protected.
  • We offer personalized and dedicated service. To ensure you’ll get a policy that matches your needs, our partner firm will work closely with you, thoroughly auditing your risk profile, identifying exposures, and recommending the best solutions to mitigate risks.
  • By providing access to comprehensive auditing and key performance indicators (KPIs), we promote transparency and accountability with our clients. You can save money and make wiser choices about your insurance protection with a data-driven strategy. 
  • Through group purchasing, we help our partners create a more cost-effective process. Our approach includes consultation, benchmarking, and program analysis to assess how your program compares to the industry's best contracts. By leveraging our members' combined purchasing power, you can reduce costs and streamline procurement, freeing up valuable resources for strategic initiatives.

Need More Reasons to Use CenterPoint?

  • We help manage category spend for our customers (monitor trends, Key Performance Indicators, quarterly reviews) which allows them to redistribute their internal resources to focus on more strategic areas of the business
  • In addition to best-in-class pricing, members receive elite customer service from our dedicated account teams and supplier representatives
  • Members gain attention from a top supplier even if you aren’t a Fortune 100 company
  • We offer proprietary and innovative analytics to allow us to deliver best-in-class solutions for our members

Benefits of Membership

If your company is approved...

  • Immediate Cost Reduction
  • No Purchase Minimums
  • Access to Best-in-Class Pricing
  • Seamless Implementation

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