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Most Companies Struggle With….

  • Building a National Program – Recycling and waste management is often regionally controlled and once you are contracted with multiple servicers it is difficult to consolidate to one National provider.
  • Leveraging Spend across all sites – Without a national program or with disconnected regional or local contracts you are not getting the leveraged price of you full organizations spend and as a result are spend more than you should.
  • Assessorial and Unmanaged Costs – Controlling a national program is labor and resource intensive and the result is that assessorial and other costs go unmanaged increasing overall spend that goes unaccounted for.
  • Standardization at All Sites – Even with a National provider, many sites receive different service levels, rates and site-level representation
  • Visibility and KPIs – Carriers have moved away from hands-on account management and are not focusing on businesses individual goals and needs - which means you do have full program visibility.


CenterPoint’s Solution

  • We have partnered with a national recycling and waste management company that leads with expertise, technology and service.
  • Leverage our group purchasing rates and realize the pricing of the largest companies in the market.
  • Complimentary Data Analysis and Benchmarking to see how your program compares to the best contracts in the industry.
  • Servicer that can handle all waste and recycling needs under one contract, a centralized management team with local support, and consolidated billing.
  • Granular program auditing to ensure that everything that you negotiate is implemented and realized, with comprehensive reporting to give you the intelligence to actively manage this category better.
  • Our partner will customize a program that fits your specific needs and wants so that you are able to run optimally, while saving money.

Need More Reasons to Use CenterPoint?

  • We help manage category spend for our customers (monitor trends, Key Performance Indicators, quarterly reviews) which allows them to redistribute their internal resources to focus on more strategic areas of the business
  • In addition to best in-class pricing, members receive elite customer service from our dedicated account teams and supplier representatives
  • Members gain attention from a top supplier even if you aren’t a Fortune 100 company
  • We offer proprietary and innovative analytics to allow us to deliver best in class solutions for our members

Benefits of Membership

If your company is approved...

  • Immediate Cost Reduction
  • No Purchase Minimums
  • Access to Best-in-Class Pricing
  • Seamless Implementation

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