At CenterPoint Group, we leverage the collective buying power of our members to get the best deals from top suppliers. Leveraging our combined spending power helps us do more as a group than what a single company can do alone.

What Is Leveraging?

Leveraging is usually done by a member-based savings solution who want to combine their spending power in order to get the best pricing from top-suppliers.

Once they have a large group of willing spenders in place, these groups can source agreements with leading suppliers to provide products, services, contract terms and discounted pricing better than what individual members can acquire by themselves.

Leveraging doesn't stop there, however. Procurement solutions like ours are also in charge of managing contracts between itself, member businesses, and their suppliers. They mitigate risks by engaging with different people at multiple levels of supplier organizations. Lastly, they work on building the membership base to increase the leverage. This allows them to negotiate for even better discounts or improved terms.

The Benefits of Leveraging

CenterPoint Group’s leveraging system allows our members to enjoy the following benefits:

  • Reduce business costs

Organizations of all sizes and industries take advantage of the CenterPoint leverage program - saving them significant money through bulk discounts and negotiated terms. Program onboarding can be implemented in less than two weeks, so our members can see cost reductions immediately after.

By leveraging our purchasing power of over $850 million, we produce 15% - 35% in savings for our member organizations. CenterPoint’s comprehensive solutions are able to produce a 500% return on investment, and our sustainable savings program ensures member businesses rarely experience sudden price increases. Because we align multi-year protections with indexed pricing and caps, our members won’t have to manage any fluctuating market prices.

  • Increase accountability

Aside from upfront savings, CenterPoint’s robust purchasing program also includes a post-implementation report for any oversights. This allows our members to track their purchases, monitor the actual savings on each project, and project the expected cost savings for the next business quarter. The increase in accountability helps member organizations plan ahead, so they can maximize their budget allocation.

  • Control purchasing process

Members who join CenterPoint’s leveraging program will be able to standardize their purchasing process. Rather than spending their time setting up meetings and conducting negotiations with multiple suppliers, our members need only choose the commodities they want to purchase. CenterPoint will take over these other processes and procure the best deals on the members’ behalf.

  • Attract well-known suppliers

Alone, it’s difficult for a small or mid-sized company to attract the attention of a well-known supplier - much less get significant discounts. Through leveraging, CenterPoint’s aggregate spending power can persuade top-quality suppliers to offer aggressive discounts or better deals.

  • Procure high quality supplies consistently

CenterPoint members don’t need to worry about the quality of the supplies they receive. With the collective buying power our members have, we always manage to get the best value for everyone’s money. This means the products and services our members receive are consistently of top-notch quality.


Benefits of Membership

If your company is approved...

  • Immediate Cost Reduction
  • No Purchase Minimums
  • Access to Best-in-Class Pricing
  • Seamless Implementation

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